Rent your house to film shoots in Sweden?


I am constantly looking for new exciting objects for my film location database. Do you have a cool apartment? an old house near the water? or something else exciting that you might consider renting out for a film shoot. Feel free to contact me. Below is a form for you to fill out.


I want to be the obvious partner that film and still image producers turn to when they are looking for a film location database in Sweden and I want to be the one that property owners contact to be included in the same database. I promise to do my absolute best to make both parties happy.


I believe that it is best if I can carry out a thorough photography of the place myself before I can present it to my clients. For many years I worked as a still photographer for realtors and I know how to quickly and efficiently take pictures, which in a good way reflects the possibilities that the place offers.


If I get the opportunity to book your property to a film shoot and in the case that you as the owner feel that it was all handled smoothly, I would really appreciate if I could get the exclusivity so that future film shoots are only possible to book if they are booked through me alone.

What happens next?


01After I have received your registration, I send you a personal confirmation by email and let you know how I will proceed. If I´m currently busy working, I will let you know when to expect I more lengthy response.

02At this stage you can send me image samples; maybe there are pictures from a previous real estate advertisement or if the property has been professionally photographed for a magazine etc. If there are good and descriptive pictures and the information from the registration if sufficient, your property will from this time be included in my film location database.

03If my judgement of the probability of being able to book the property for a film shoot is low, I will let you know. There is no reason to create false hopes.

04In case the property is interesting but there are not already professionally photographed pictures, we will as soon as possible book a meeting for me to professional photograph the property. When this is done, your property will be in my film location database.


01A typical request that I can get, can either be in the form of a reference image or a text that describes the place in question. Then it is important to have a look at your archive and that you have labeled your objects correctly.

02After finding a couple of options that fit the description in the producer's brief, I contact the person in question and present the project, schedule and budget.

03The objects that both fit into the description and where the budget and schedule work are now presented to the company through a personal link that disappears after the project is completed.

04At this stage, you will most likely do a direct scout. Then I take a director and maybe photographers with me to the place or places that you have chosen to go on with.


01When the production company has chosen its place, they sign an agreement. The agreement regulates liability, compensation and times. The agreement is exhibited between the production company and the owner of the property. If you want, you as the owner can ask to get the company's insurance certificate. This also works as an agreement with the landlord so that the film company, on the day of filming, will not be able to be denied access to the place.

02You will probably want to do a "technical rec". This time, a larger crowd will often follow. Producer, production manager, recording manager, director, photographer, set designer and lighting master, sometimes also stunt coordinator, effect coordinator, etc. At this stage, all technical steps that will take place during the recording are determined.


03In some cases you have to prepare the filming location the day before, in these cases hotels are offered to landlords. If you want to change the interior of the place, staff from the scenography department will photograph each piece of furniture that is moved. Sometimes you rent a truck where you can store the furniture during the recording or you choose a space on site.

04On the day of the recording, the site manager will be the first to arrive. Hen will either have access to keys since the day before or a handover of keys will take place now. The site manager will prepare the site, lay out carpets to avoid damaging floors and dirt, the site manager will direct traffic and put out information leaflets about parking, toilets, shoe bans, etc.

05During the actual recording day, there will be many people in place. There will be a lot of vehicles and maybe tents and technology depots scattered, sometimes effects like smoke machines and extras are needed. In this situation, you may feel stressed or anxious, so it is good to have a dialogue with the neighbors before. It is usually easiest if you as the owner are not in place. The film workers are used to working in people's homes and everyone does everything to avoid damage to property.

06When the recording is finished, which has been decided through the agreement, the landlord meets the site manager for an inspection. In some cases, this may wait until the next day, if the scenography department has to prepare the home i.o.m. that you have moved things. Usually you also hire a professional cleaning company who makes sure that the house is clean before the owner returns. At this stage, an inspection is made and you can most likely state that everything is in order.