What does a location manager do?

As a location manager my work revolves around the following points:

  • Finding, negotiating and securing the right location that will convey the director, the photographer and the set designers vision.
  • Obtaining rights and permits for the choosen location.
  • Informing the surrounding homes, businessess or affected public of upcoming event.
  • Preparing the location to avoid damages.
  • Coordinating traffic and arranging parking for crew.
  • Coordinating facillities such as toilets, tents, seats, etc.
  • Returning the location back to it´s normal state.

Do you want to work with me?

  • I live in Stockholm, Sweden
  • I work mainly on short term projects, commercials, fashion shoots etc.
  • I have been working in the film industry for nearly two decades
  • I can provide location assistants, vehicles, equipment etc.