October 9, 2019


For the Swedish clothing brand Lindex, I scouted and secured a great location.
The premiss what that the should be able to recreate images from video out-takes that where shot elsewhere.
Since the video had been shot outside of Stockholm, in a field, far from buildings and city life, it was not easy to replicate in the closer to Stockhom areas. The brief specified that the one crucial element was the sky. We had to get up, above trees and buildings. A two day scouting was made, one of which I brought a model, for the creative team to be able to visualize the opportunities each location would provide.
Later, after a decision was made, I spend a great deal of hours finding the right people, since this was during vacation here i Sweden, acquiring permits and getting keys for the closed of roads etc.

In the end it was a very successful and fun job.

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