July 5, 2019

Location scouting for big pharma

I was briefed about a commercial for an international pharmaceutical brand Pfizer. They wanted a house, just like the one in the provided storyboard. It was meant to look like and American lake cabin, with a neighbour right by the house. This was not the easiest place to just find obviously, so I turned to my favourite maps online and I started to look. After a few hours of drawing and calculating, I headed out, determined to find something good. I spend two days driving around, taking photos, asking neighbours, waiting, leaving notes.

The house that we finally settled on is the one in the photos. In the photos you can see the provided storyboard and the photos of the house that I found. you can also see the image of the lake and the small jetty, right by the house. I have got to say that the re assemblance is striking.

Requested location
Proposed location
Requested location surroundings
Proposed location surroundings

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